Erika Nielsen works in partnership with other authors who share the belief that: “Visual art illuminates and enhances language learning.”

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Annemarie Waugh

Annemarie Waugh is an artist, illustrator, writer, poet and a community activist. She was born in Great Britain and resides in the United States.

The idea for her book, Across the Pond came from the art show she had participated in, called “Remembering Things Past”, an international show featuring artists from different countries. She did an installation for which she painted a whole wall, resembling a chalk board, with 144 British expressions, all numbered. On the next wall she wrote the definitions of those expressions, so that the viewers would try to guess what the British expressions meant and then look for the answer to see if they had guessed correctly. The overall shape of the definitions on that wall resembled the map of the United States. The other two walls featured her framed paintings based on her favorite British expressions.

In her book, Across the Pond, she uses vivid, humorous and lively images to illustrate uniquely British words and phrases. The book is intended for a wide readership; it may be of particular interest to anglophiles living in the United States, British expats who are feeling a bit nostalgic, as well as to the millions of English speakers who travel to Great Britain and who would like to familiarize themselves with British English, and, perhaps bring back a souvenir when they return home.

Full of vigor and artistic ideas, these images literally speak to the viewer, in contrast to detailed and dry tomes intended for language specialists. Inquisitive readers can find more detailed information in the index at the back.

The book comes in two formats:

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Annemarie Waugh is the founder of the Sidewalks for Safety Initiative. She is actively promoting projects that improve the environment and address the issues of sustainable community development and public health, with an emphasis on the well-being of children.

Interview with Annemarie

Hong Li Snyder

Hong Li Snyder, born in Yunnan, China, is a writer, language teacher, and a uniquely gifted cultural interpreter. She has translated and published more than a dozen children’s books. She studies Chinese painting and promotes the teaching of traditional Chinese art and calligraphy.

Her series of seven books, entitled Hello, Chinese Festival, is about Chinese holidays. It includes Chinese text both in characters and in pinyin, as well as in English to facilitate reading for students of Chinese language. These are holiday storybooks with which the readers can learn, play, and learn to prepare traditional holiday food. The series is being published by Shandong Friendship Publishing House, a major Chinese publishing house. The first two books of the series will be released in the first quarter of 2020.

The Hello Chinese Festival series consists of seven volumes covering seven major Chinese traditional festivals: Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Qingming Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Qixi Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, and Chongyang Festival. The Festival elf Wawa and the little boy Tiantian guide the readers on a wonderful Chinese holiday journey.

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